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We discover, we uncover. We differentiate and elevate a manufacturer’s brand, products and processes to engage employees, leadership, sales channels, customers and communities.

We Are

  • Specialists in discovering what makes you unique
  • Bringing new thinking
  • Technical experts who inspire
  • Business-focused

We Are Not

  • The shop down the street
  • Recyclers of stale ideas
  • Surface-level advisors
  • Just artists
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Clients we have been proud to work with.


From tanker trailers to valves, port trucks to pumps, components to fire hose nozzles, we have:

Launched a new product AND re-launched the brand. Trained distributors and dealers to recommend our client’s brand over the competition. Inspired (certified) IS employee compliance via gamification. Re-launched a client’s brand and revolutionized its culture. Launched a new product before it was produced by utilizing 3D renderings. Identified and named product differentiation, leveraging their enormous investment in engineering. Re-engaged corporate morale through internal branding. Created a brand story book to preserve the culture as founders retired. Increased sales through promotion that saw 92% channel participation. Promoted an underdog product to prominence.


Saving 35% in budget and increasing sales 15%. 44% in sales increase. 97% compliance. Now reaching 70% market share. Top selling product in segment.         Exec trust from 23 to 92%.         22% inc in flat market. From last place to second in segment.

For these audiences:

  • Leadership
  • Employees
  • Market Segments
  • Trade
  • Distributors, Dealers and Reps
  • Sales and Marketing Team
  • Engineering Team
  • Community
  • Acquisition Team
  • Ownership Group
  • Private Equity

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Case Study:

Betts Industries

How can you leverage amazing engineering in an already successful century-old family business?


Case Study:

Capacity Trucks

How can you successfully launch your most critical product before you have produced it?


Case Study:

Freightliner Custom Chassis

How can you revolutionize culture in your company by infusing pride and ownership?


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Thought Leadership

Time stands still for no brand.

Barry LaBov

This article was originally published on Inside Indiana Business. We all need to switch things up once in a while—whether it’s changing the paint color in our living room, trying a new kind of food or rearranging our office. It keeps things interesting. It helps us stay current with the times. It broadens our thinking […]

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